Project Sneh: An initiative to advocate use of Cloth Diapers instead of Plastic Diapers


PROJECT SNEH: The main goal of this initiative is to advocate for the use of cloth diapers as an eco-friendly replacement for plastic diapers, which have a negative impact on society and the environment. 

The Sneh cloth diapers are manufactured by women belonging to various NGOs. We strive to give these women a steady and permanent source of income through this Project.

Sneh diapers are reusable cloth diapers with an outer covering of an absorbent pad produced from a blend of natural fibres. By firmly holding the pad in place, this outer cover not only provides leak prevention but also encourages ventilation, a quality lacking in disposable diapers. The production of these diapers is done in association with the Streebal NGO, which employs a committed team of four women and has a daily production capacity of 50 units.

Some of Sneh’s personal accomplishments are -

1. International relations with University of Limpopo

2. Introduced a new segment of Tote Bags and achieved a whooping sales of more than Rs 40,000 in 6 months

3. Held a cleanliness drive in Saket slums

4. Held an awareness session on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with SPOWAC (Society for promotion of women and child welfare)

5. Held a nukkad natak in Pitampura Slums in collaboration with Aaina Foundation

6. Organised a Distribution Drive of Cloth Diapers in the Slums of Pitampura

7. Conducted an Education Session with Save the Child Foundation

Our goal is to ultimately create a world that is cleaner and healthier for both the present and future generations by delivering a sustainable, effective, and easily accessible solution to the open dumping problem.

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